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Electric Vehicle charger cable type-2 Choetech ACG12 7 kW (white)
0.00€ (0.00€ + VAT)

Electric Vehicle charger cable type-2 Choetech ACG12 7 kW (white)

0.00€ (0.00€ + VAT)
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Model: ACG12
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Expected delivery: May 31, 2024
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Electric Vehicle charger cable type-2 Choetech ACG12 7 kW (white)


Choetech ACG12 7 kW electric car charger cable (white).
Choetech ACG12 cable fits electric car charger (type-2). It stands out for its excellent IP55 protection and safe use. What's more, it is very strong and durable - thanks to its well-thought-out design, it will serve you for a long time! It also demonstrates efficient operation, so your car will always be ready to travel, regardless of the circumstances!

Water and fire resistant class
The Choetech charger cable will perform well in a variety of scenarios, as it features an IP55 rating. This makes it unafraid of dust or moisture! In addition, it will be safe, as it is distinguished by its UL94 V-0 flame retardant rating. All this makes the charger completely safe even in harsh weather conditions. With Choetech you will be ready for any circumstance!

The ACG12 cable stands out not only for its efficiency and durability, but also for its impressive lifespan. It can be plugged and unplugged repeatedly, and what's more, it also shows excellent resistance to drops from a height of 1 meter. All this makes the Choetech charger a very practical and durable tool for efficient charging of your vehicle!

Contents of the kit

Manufacturer    Choetech
Model    ACG12
Rated voltage    220-240V AC
Rated current    32A
Rated power    7 kW
Working temperature    -40°C ~ +85°C
Protection level    IP55
Degree of fire protection    UL94 V-0
Length    5 m


Cable length 500 cm
Output current 32A
Raktár Külső raktár
Charging power 7000W


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