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Choetech 2in1 Qi Wireless Charger for Airpods 2 Phone / Earphone with 5 Charging Coils Black (T535-S (H))
23.09€ (18.18€ + VAT)
Discount: 3.90€

Choetech 2in1 Qi Wireless Charger for Airpods 2 Phone / Earphone with 5 Charging Coils Black (T535-S (H))

23.09€ (18.18€ + VAT)
Discount: 3.90€
Average Rating: Not Rated
Model: T535-S
Availability: External stock
Expected delivery: June 05, 2024
Shipping fee: 2.57€
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Choetech 2in1 Qi Wireless Charger for Airpods 2 Phone / Headphones with 5 Charging Coils (T535-S (H)

Do you appreciate functional solutions that allow you to minimize the number of gadgets you use? You will surely like the Choetech 2-in-1 charger. You can charge your phone and Airpods 2 headphones with just one device


  • Material: ABS + PU + silicone
  • Accessories: USB Type-C cable
  • Compatible with mobile phones that support Qi wireless charging
  • Designed to charge Apple Airpods 2nd generation

Fast and safe charging without disruptions

The Choetech 2in1 charger is an intelligent technological solution adapted to safe charging. Thanks to the applied solutions, it guarantees safety and protection of electronic devices against the effects of overvoltage or overheating. Independent coils facilitate charging of three devices simultaneously without mutual interference. The advantage of the model is also an immediate reaction within 0.1 seconds after placing the device in the charger.

Charge three devices simultaneously

Thanks to it, you no longer have to waste time recharging each of your devices. The adapted design of the model will allow you to simultaneously charge the phone and Airpods 2 headphones. The model is equipped with a charging function that supports the headphones and recognizes the presence of the watch by means of magnetic absorption.

9 levels of protection for your devices

By using the Choetech 2in1 charger, you are guaranteed safe charging. The device is equipped with 9 levels of protection - against overheating, overvoltage, electromagnetic field, voltage changes, short circuit and several other threats. Thanks to these functions, your phone, watch and headphones are protected against damage.

  • Qi wireless charger with five charging coils
  • 5 charging coils - The gadget has been equipped with 5 charging coils , which, thanks to covering a larger charging area, ensure stable energy renewal regardless of the position of the smartphone .
  • Durable and durable - Made of high-quality materials , with non-slip silicone pads .
  • Large charging area - The large charging area allows your devices to replenish their energy much faster
  • Charging distance up to 5 mm - Charging the phone without removing the case .
  • Ventilation action - The gadget has a number of vents that facilitate heat dissipation and prevent the equipment from heating up .


Raktár Központi raktár
Charging power 20W


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