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Choetech magnetic wireless charger 15W MagSafe for iPhone 12/13/14 gold (T518-F-GO)
0.00€ (0.00€ + VAT)

Choetech magnetic wireless charger 15W MagSafe for iPhone 12/13/14 gold (T518-F-GO)

0.00€ (0.00€ + VAT)
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Model: T518-F-GO
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Expected delivery: May 31, 2024
Shipping fee: 2.57€
Charge your phone wirelessly. Here you will find the best wireless charger for you, Choetech magnetic wireless charger 15W MagSafe for iPhone 12/13/14 gold (T518-F-GO)


Choetech Magnetic Wireless Charger 15W (MagSafe Compatible)

Are you looking for a good charger that will easily and quickly charge your phone wirelessly? The Choetech brand presents a wireless charger with a built-in magnet. It is fully compatible with the MagSafe standard, which is why it ensures their fast and stable charging.


  • Brand: Choetech
  • Cord length: 150 cm
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Input current: 5V/2A; 9V/2A; 12V/2A Max.
  • Material: aluminum, PC
  • Power : 15W

Set contains:

  • 1 x charger
  • 1 x USB-C cable

The most important features:

  • Supports 15W peak power for MagSafe-enabled devices - perfect connection between two devices thanks to magnets
  • Voltage regulation - designed for charging low-power devices - the power supply is automatically adjusted to the needs of the equipment being charged
  • Designer workmanship - metal, high-quality material, equipped with non-slip pads for greater stability.

Fast and stable charging in Qi technology

The charger has a reinforced copper coil, thanks to which the charging rate is up to 67% faster than standard.

Intelligent control system

An intelligent control system has been implemented to operate the charger. Adjusts power consumption in the range of 10 to 5W, protects against short circuit or overheating. Automatically starts the charging process when the phone is nearby.

High operating comfort

Charging without cables and without having to remove the phone from the case (unless it is thicker than 6 mm).

Security at an excellent level

High-quality components, a chip, a two-layer construction coating and implemented protections make the charger optimally protected against damage. The manufacturer has implemented as many as 7 protections against:

  • overcharging,
  • discharge,
  • surges,
  • overheating,
  • overcurrent,
  • short circuits,
  • electromagnetic field.


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Charging power 15W


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