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Choetech fast USB Type C wall charger PD 60W 3A black (Q4004-EU)
0.00€ (0.00€ + VAT)

Choetech fast USB Type C wall charger PD 60W 3A black (Q4004-EU)

0.00€ (0.00€ + VAT)
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Model: Q4004-EU
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Expected delivery: May 31, 2024
Shipping fee: 2.57€
Charge your devices with fast charging safely with the Choetech wall charger.


Choetech Q4004 fast wall charger with USB Type C connector and Power Delivery 60 W fast charging standard - black (Q4004-EU)

Choetech Q4004 with USB Type C connector is a great solution for travel lovers . The small size and the USB Type C 60 W port with the Power Delivery standard will provide you with convenience and will ensure that you will charge your laptop or smartphone safely and faster. The charger works in the range of 100-230 V , so you can also charge your equipment in other countries.


  • Brand: Choetech
  • Model: Q4004
  • Port: USB Type C
  • Fast charging standard: Power Delivery 3.0
  • Input current: AC 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 1.5A
  • Output current: DC 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 3A,
  • 15V / 3A, 20V / 3A
  • Maximum power: up to 60W
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.2 x 3.2 cm
  • Weight: 151 g
  • Black colour

The main advantages of the Choetech Q4004 wall charger:

  • You can charge it with both smartphones and laptops that require power up to 60 W
  • You will significantly shorten the charging time thanks to the Power Delivery 3.0 fast charging standard (as long as your device is compatible with it)
  • You can take it with you when you travel to other countries . The charger works in the range of 100-230 V
  • It will take up little space in a backpack and bag . Small dimensions and low weight will provide much-needed convenience

Compatible with many devices
The Choetech Q4004 charger will charge both the latest models of top phones (including iPhone 13 and 12 series, Samsung S21 and S20), as well as laptops - including MacBooks that require power up to 60 W (check the specification of the power supply of your device before buying ).

Charge your gear even faster
Does your phone support Power Delivery 3.0? Thanks to the Choetech charger, you will wait much less until it is fully charged . The PD 3.0 technology will significantly speed up the power supply - according to the manufacturer's data, you can charge your 13-inch laptop requiring 60 W power in less than two hours.

For convenience and mobility
It is a great choice for a trip to distant countries. The charger not only works in the 100-230V range, but also has a slim, lightweight design (30% smaller than a standard MacBook power supply).

Built-in security
Thanks to an intelligent chip, the Choetech charger will automatically adjust the power to the needs of your device , protecting it against overvoltage, overheating or short circuit. The PSU casing is made of fireproof PC material.


Outputs 1xUSB-C
Raktár Külső raktár
Charging power 60W


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