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Choetech B662 wireless MagSafe 5000mAh powerbank - black
0.03€ (0.02€ + VAT)

Choetech B662 wireless MagSafe 5000mAh powerbank - black

0.03€ (0.02€ + VAT)
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Model: B662
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Expected delivery: May 31, 2024
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Quality Power Banks in a large selection. Whether it is a small, medium or large capacity external battery, you will find the right one with us, Choetech B662 wireless MagSafe 5000mAh powerbank - black


Choetech B662 Wireless MagSafe USB-A / USB-C Powerbank 5000mAh - Black

The revolution among mobile devices has just arrived with the Choetech B662 Powerbank, providing not only wireless inductive charging with a power of up to 10W, but also support for Quick Charge 3.0, AFC, FCP fast charging protocols. Versatile USB-C and USB-A connectors make it a comprehensive device, ready to meet the requirements of modern users. Rediscover mobility with this stylish black power bank.

The most important advantages of the Choetech B662 Powerbank:

  • Convenient charging on the go . Forget about tangled cables thanks to wireless inductive charging with a power of up to 10W.
  • Quick top-up . Thanks to Quick Charge 3.0, AFC, FCP protocols, your devices will reach full power in the blink of an eye.
  • Connector versatility . USB-C and USB-A connectors allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously for maximum convenience.
  • Long-lasting energy . 5000mAh capacity guarantees that the energy will be with you all day long.
  • Elegant design . The black casing not only looks stylish, but is also durable and practical for everyday use.


  • Brand: Choetech
  • Model: B662
  • Black colour
  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Connector type: USB-C, USB-A
  • Power Output:
    • USB-A: 4.75-5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A
    • USB-C: 5-6.5V/3.0A, 6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A
    • Induction: 5W / 7.5W / 10W
    • USB-A + USB-C: 5V / 3A
  • Charging support: Quick Charge 3.0, Power Delivery 3.0, AFC, FCP

Inductive charging

Wireless inductive charging with a power of up to 10W allows you to quickly and conveniently charge your devices without the need to use cables. An ideal solution for people who value freedom and comfort.

Fast charging

Quick Charge 3.0, AFC, FCP protocols ensure lightning-fast charging, reducing the time needed to reach full battery power. Indispensable in situations requiring quick action.

Versatile connectors

USB-C and USB-A connectors offer the flexibility to connect a variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets, making the Choetech B662 power bank an essential accessory in every home and on the go.

Mobility and design

5000mAh capacity provides the energy needed to function all day long, and the elegant black appearance adds style and class to the device.

Durability and reliability

Made of high-quality materials, the Choetech B662 power bank is resistant to damage and provides long-lasting support for your mobile devices.


Capacity 5000
Outputs 1 USB-C, 1 USB-A
Raktár Külső raktár
Charging power 10W
Wireless Yes


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