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Choetech stand multifunctional station for laptop PD / USB-C HDMI (4K / 30Hz) / 2xUSB-A / 1xUSB-C / 1xSD / 1xTF black (HUB-M43)
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Choetech stand multifunctional station for laptop PD / USB-C HDMI (4K / 30Hz) / 2xUSB-A / 1xUSB-C / 1xSD / 1xTF black (HUB-M43)

0.00€ (0.00€ + VAT)
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Model: HUB-M43
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Expected delivery: May 31, 2024
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Do you like watching movies on your phone while lying comfortably on the couch? Or maybe cooking is your passion while following the recipe on the tablet? Choetech Stand Multi-function Station for Laptop PD / USB-C HDMI (4K / 30Hz) / 2xUSB-A / 1xUSB-C / 1xSD / 1xTF Black (HUB-M43)


Choetech stand multifunction station 7in1 for laptop PD / USB-C HDMI (4K / 30Hz) / 2xUSB-A / 1xUSB-C / 1xSD / 1xTF black (HUB-M43)

Choetech is a sensational and ergonomic, foldable Hub-Stand laptop stand. It is equipped with a number of different ports which greatly increases productivity while working. The pad itself is ultra-light, designer and stable. You can adjust it according to your preferences by setting the ideal viewing angle to one of five levels. You use the gadget conveniently as you want and where you want - at your desk, in bed and on the go!


  • Brand: Choetech
  • Dimensions:
  • Libra:
  • Input: USB-C
  • Output: 2xUSB-A (5Gbps; 1.5A Max), USB-C (5Gbps; 2.4A Max), TF, SD 3.0 (104Mbps), USB-C female (PD 3.0 100W)
  • Housing: Aluminum

The most important features:

  • Multifunctional USB Type-C 7in1 port
  • 5-step tilt angle adjustment
  • vivid image in HDMI 4K technology

Indispensable for working at home

Most modern laptops have too few ports to handle all the extra hardware you need to create your all-round home office. The solution is a comfortable adjustable laptop stand, which offers user support on various levels.

It forces you to maintain the correct position of the body

Several factors can affect your productivity. Your discomfort and worse well-being are also influenced by improper posture, excessive movements, forces, pressure points, static loads and many more. You can level them with the use of an adjustable laptop stand.

Ergonomic design with 5-step adjustment

Find your best ergonomic posture with a 5-way adjustable stand. Set the right angle whether you want to read, type, take notes, draw, or use external keyboards with laptops and tablets. The kit provides optimal comfort without fatigue in the neck, shoulders, wrists and headaches and eyes.

Foldable and portable - fits in a bag and backpack

Open and fold in a split second. The design will easily fit into a backpack, bag or even a briefcase. At the destination, you will pull out the stand, quickly unfold it and arrange the space to work anywhere.

Vivid picture in 4K HDMI quality

Enjoy the high-quality display. The HDMI port supports the best resolutions and 3D technology. The image is reproduced smoothly, without delays, vibrations, and stuttering. The synchronization of picture and sound is perfect.

Excellent Turbo transmission speed

Upload a 1GB movie in 5 seconds? Copying photos from a 32GB memory card in 5 minutes? With high-speed transmission of up to 5Gbps from two USB-A 3.0 ports and 104MB / s from SD / TF card slots, it offers you excellent data transfer rates even with high capacity!


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