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Choetch M50 HUB for Steam Deck USB-C - USB-C PD/USB-A/HDMI/RJ45 - Gray
0.00€ (0.00€ + VAT)

Choetch M50 HUB for Steam Deck USB-C - USB-C PD/USB-A/HDMI/RJ45 - Gray

0.00€ (0.00€ + VAT)
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Model: HUB-M50
Availability: Sold out
Expected delivery: May 31, 2024
Shipping fee: 2.57€
Expand the possibilities offered by the USB-C connector and have all the important connection ports on your computer.


Choetch M52 HUB for Steam Deck USB-C - USB-C PD/USB-A/HDMI/RJ45 - Gray

When using Steam Deck, have you ever run out of port to expand your device's functionality? The limited number of standard connectors can be frustrating. HUB-M52 from Choetech will solve not only this problem. The multifunctional HUB also offers a number of other convenient solutions designed to facilitate play. Thanks to the accessory, you can easily connect to a permanent Ethernet port and extend the image to a monitor or TV. The dimensions and appearance will perfectly fit the structure of the Steam Deck.


  • Brand: Choetech
  • Model: HUB-M52
  • Material: aluminum
  • Connector type:
    • 1x USB-C Host
    • 1x USB-C PD - 100W
    • 3x USB-A 3.0 - 5 Gb/s
    • 1x HDMI - 4K 60Hz
    • 1x Ethernet RJ-45 - 1Gb/s
  • Compatibility: Steam Deck
  • Dimensions: 168 x 78 x 28mm

Interesting appearance and fast charging

HUB not only has an interesting design and great quality of workmanship. It attracts attention, but above all it is highly functional. You no longer have to worry about not having enough space to connect any additional equipment.

A range of possibilities

The Choetech gadget will allow you to work or play completely freely. All thanks to the large number of available ports and sockets. Your Steam Deck will be better adapted to all conditions of use.


Connector 1 USB - C
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